November Checklist

  • Early November

    Advisor Meeting

    You must attend your advisor’s meeting to learn how to register for spring semester.

  • Nov 16 - 20

    Final Exams

    Notify First Year Advising if you have final exam conflicts that need to be resolved.


Your First Year advisor will conduct general advising sessions early in November to assist you with planning your spring semester schedule. You are required to attend one of these meetings.

At the meeting, you will be given information about program (major) requirements, how to build your schedule, registration information for spring, and your PIN (Personal Identification Number), which you will need to access the online registration system on the day you register.

You are strongly encouraged to check NOVO for registration holds well before the date you register so you have time to clear them up if necessary. NOVO will not allow you to register if a hold is present at your registration time.

For special situations and individual assistance, make an appointment with your advisor after attending your general advising meeting. 


First Semester Final Exams

Be sure you know your final exam schedule. Complete an Exam Conflict eForm (available on insideND) prior to if: 

  • You have more than two exams scheduled on the same day
  • You have more than three exams in a 24-hour period
  • You have more than one exam scheduled at the same time

You are also encouraged to talk with your advisor if you have a final exam conflict or questions about the time or location of an exam.

You will have three reading days to prepare for the final examination period for the first semester. Most examinations are comprehensive, so don’t rely on last minute cramming! Adequate preparation requires good time management and effective use of study resources.

The Learning Resource Center provides review sessions for math and science courses that will start on the first reading day and will continue up to the scheduled exam time for each course. Each session will be two hours long and tutors will be available to answer your questions. Start reviewing early and come to the sessions with your questions ready. An email with the review session schedule will be sent during the last week of class.

If you are having problems in class that are related to a learning disability, you may be able to access accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.


Registration for Spring Semester

All first-year students will register online for the spring semester using NOVO.

Link to NOVO Video Instructions

To prepare students for registering, your academic advisor will conduct a general advising at which you will be given detailed information about major/program requirements, how to build a schedule, spring registration handout, and your PIN (Personal Identification Number) needed to access NOVO during your assigned registration time. Watch for an email message from your advisor with details about attending a Registration Planning Meeting.