Using Your ND Gmail Account

We will send all of our communications to your ND email account. Please use only your ND email account to communicate with us. Your ND email account can be accessed at Use your NetID and the password you created to sign in. Detailed information about your email account can be found in the OIT Knowledge Base.

Students are automatically assigned a Notre Dame Gmail account.

Once you have activated your NetID, go to, log into your email account with your NetID and password, then open the email from the First Year of Studies and follow those instructions.

Note: Your ND email address is your NetID: At Notre Dame, your email password and your NetID password are the same.

You will find more information about labeling and other Gmail functions at

in an organized way. Students often say that they are overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive — using the Gmail labeling function or some other method of organization from the start can be very useful for keeping up with important information.

Tips for using your ND Gmail account effectively.