May Checklist

  • Early May

    Net ID

    Activate your NetID and connect with us. You will receive a message in early May when NetID activation is open.

  • Early May

    ND Gmail Account

    Activate your ND email account and use it for all communications. You will receive an email in early May when your Notre Dame account is ready.

  • Late May

    Enrollment To-Do List

    Review the Student To-Do List and Mark early summer deadlines! Learn More


This page was last updated on April 14, 2021. The information below is intended as a guide and is subject to change.

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame!

We are so delighted and honored that you have joined our community and mission. In order to ensure you are able to effectively communicate with your new community, it is important that you set up your NetID and your Notre Dame email account. This email account will be critical to your journey as a Notre Dame student.

#1 Activate your NetID.

Connecting with us begins with activating your NetID in early May. Check out your email, or the First Year Communications page to view specific instructions!

It is a violation of University policy to share your NetID and password with anyone.

Your NetID is the ID used to access email and to log in to other University online services.

#2 Log into insideND.

InsideND is the University’s web portal and online community. This portal makes it easy for you to find University information that answers your specific needs, saving you the trouble of searching multiple ND websites.

#3 Use your ND email account.

Email is the main way that both First Year Advising and your first-year advisor, as well as your professors, will send information to you, so it is vital that you regularly use your ND Gmail account. You will receive an email in early May when your Notre Dame account (and NetID) is ready for activation.

It is best practice to check your Notre Dame email account daily.

Reminder to please use proper professional etiquette when writing to your first-year advisor, or to other faculty and Notre Dame personnel.

#4 Use Our Communications.

The Center for University Advising will send regular communication to help you encounter new University partners, explore academic possibilities, and meet your responsibilities and deadlines as a new Notre Dame student. This communication will also include opportunities outside of First Year Advising most relevant to your first steps of the Notre Dame journey.

#5 Take a Breath

As the current academic year draws to an end, we invite you to fully celebrate the important milestones and relationships that have shaped your journey thus far. These first weeks of the summer can be filled with uncertainty and perhaps a bit of anxiety. We'll be in contact every week this summer, and throughout your entire journey as a first-year student. As you embrace this unique period of transition, know that your Notre Dame community is filled with excitement to welcome you home.