March Checklist

  • March 7 - 11

    Academic Journeys Week

    Join Academic Journeys Week and explore the next steps you'll take as a sophomore! Learn More

  • April 16

    College Declaration

    Meet with your First Year Advisor to complete the formal college declaration process

  • April 15

    Financial Aid Update

    You must file the 2021/2022 Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA) and the CSS PROFILE. Learn More


Join Academic Journeys Week!

Academic Journeys Week is the semester's premiere event in which first-year students engage with members of Notre Dame's scholarly community to learn more about majors, minors, and opportunities to expand learning beyond the classroom. Over the course of five nights, faculty, staff, and students from all corners of Notre Dame will (virtually) open their doors as you consider the next steps of your academic journey. Don't miss this opportunity to speak with expert faculty, compare possible majors and minors, create connections with centers and research teams, and win prizes!


College Declaration Process

The formal declaration of your future college takes place in the spring semester and requires a meeting with your First Year Advisor. Since each of the colleges and the School of Architecture has its own requirements in addition to the University requirements, registration for the fall semester of your sophomore year may require you to make specific course choices based on your college and/or major. Now is the time to make some more concrete decisions about your academic future.

In your college declaration meeting, your First Year Advisor will help you complete the required documentation and will talk with you in-depth about your academic decision-making process. The first year at Notre Dame is designed to keep your college and major options open as much as possible while keeping you on track for graduation in four years. With your academic experience from the past several months, you will have gained knowledge on a variety of academic disciplines. You may now be interested in pursuing an academic discipline that you had not considered at the start of the year, or you may choose to confirm the intentions you already have in place.

In order to register for Fall classes, you must be formally declared in a college. In order to process your declaration, it is vital that you meet with your advisor and declare your major no later than Friday, April 16th.

Financial Aid Update

All families seeking financial assistance for the 2021/2022 academic year are reminded of the importance of filing the 2021/2022 Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Renewal FAFSA) and the CSS PROFILE Application by April 15, 2021. The timely completion of the application process is your key to applying for state, federal, and/or institutional aid, including grants, scholarships, loans, and work. Applications are available in the Office of Financial Aid and online. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly with any questions related to Notre Dame’s financial aid application process.