July Checklist

  • Mid-July

    Becoming a Member of Our Community

    After receiving instructions from First Year Advising, complete necessary online modules and surveys. Learn More


This page was last updated on April 30, 2020. The information below is intended as a guide and is subject to change.

You will find out who your advisor is during the first week of July. Your First Year Advisor will walk with you through this time of transition and build your fall semester schedule, taking into consideration your submitted course preferences, credit by examination, and requirements for your current intended area of study. If your advisor has questions of clarification, you may be contacted by phone or your ND email account. Therefore, it is critical that you monitor your ND email daily. 

Building a fall course schedules that works best for each of our newest Notre Dame students is a complex process. You may see changes in your schedule up to August 1.