July Checklist

  • Early July

    One-on-One Meeting with Your First Year Advisor

    Virtually meet with your First Year Advisor to learn more about your partnership and how to prepare for course registration Learn More

  • Late-July

    Register for your Fall 2021 Courses

    Throughout June and July, you will work with your First Year Advisor and the Center for University Advising to prepare to register for your first classes as a Notre Dame student. Information about course registration will be offered in your meeting with your First Year Advisor and communications throughout the summer.

  • Late July

    Enrollment To-Do List

    Check off necessary enrollment tasks before their deadlines! Learn More


This page was last updated on May 3, 2021. The information below is intended as a guide and is subject to change.

Before July, you will receive an invitation from your First Year Advisor. Your First Year Advisor will walk with you through this time of transition and help you build your fall semester schedule, taking into consideration your submitted course preferences, credit by examination, and requirements for your current intended area of study. Throughout July, Advisors will meet with all incoming first-year students. Advisors will contact you via your ND Gmail account. So, it is critical that you monitor your ND email daily.

Building fall course schedules that work best for each of new Notre Dame student is a complex process. You may see changes in your schedule up to August 6, 2021. Your First Year Advisor will be in touch if edits are necessary!