July Checklist

  • July 11


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This page was last updated on March 12, 2018, and is subject to change.

Your First Year advisor will build your fall semester schedule, taking into consideration your course preferences, credit by examination, and requirements for your current intended area of study.

Building fall schedules is a process. You may see changes in your schedule up to August 1.

You will have the opportunity in June to communicate your course preferences to your advisor. We will send specific instructions for the fall registration process to your Notre Dame email account in June that will include the deadline for completing the course preference process.

We have organized your course options in categories that will show you how they relate to various Core, college, or major requirements. Each category links to online course descriptions. Please read the descriptions carefully before making your preference selections.

Every first-year student must take five academic courses and the one-credit Moreau First Year Experience course. Your Moreau First Year Experience course will be assigned to you based on your residence hall. Other important points to keep in mind while considering your course options are:

  • All first-year students are required to complete one semester of University Seminar and one semester of Writing and Rhetoric. Half of the first-year students will be assigned to a University Seminar during the fall semester, and the remaining half will take a University Seminar during the spring semester. If you have AP or IB credit for Writing and Rhetoric, you may still take this course.
  • The School of Architecture and the Colleges of Arts and Letters, Business, Engineering, and Science each have specific requirements for math and science courses. If you are not sure which math or science course you should take, please consult your First Year advisor before making your selections.
  • Several majors/programs have requirements that will impact a fall schedule.
  • If you intend to study a language and are a beginner, you should check with your First Year advisor to find out if the department offers an intro course in both fall and spring. If you don’t take the class in the fall, you may have to wait until your sophomore year to start.