January Checklist

  • Jan 8

    Roll Call

    Answer the ND Roll Call email immediately Learn More

  • Jan 13


    Schedule adjustments can be made on Schedule Adjustment Day, the Monday before classes start.

  • By Spring Break


    Meet with your First Year Advisor before spring break to discuss your academic experience and to declare your college program. Learn More



Schedule Adjustment

Advisors will meet with students regarding course changes on the Monday before classes start, Schedule Adjustment Day. Students can discuss their schedules with advisors until the University’s last day for course changes, the sixth class day after the semester starts.

College Declaration

The formal declaration of your future college takes place in the spring semester and requires a meeting with your First Year Advisor who will assist you with completing the declaration process. Before this meeting takes place, you will be asked to complete a set of mid-year self-reflection questions that will provide background information to help your advisor support you in making a well-informed decision about the future of your studies at Notre Dame.

The assignment of your Web Registration Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the fall of your sophomore year will be based on your formally declared college information, so it is important that you complete this requirement prior to spring break. You will receive your PIN at a general advising session hosted by your college and/or major. These sessions, also known as “PIN Nights”, will take place in April. You must attend an advising session to receive your PIN that will enable you to register for sophomore fall semester courses.

ePortfolio and Self-Reflection

Your ePortfolio allows you to chronicle your reflections, experiences, and achievements throughout your first year. In addition you can record your thoughts on your transition to Notre Dame as well as your academic plans. Tabs within your ePortfolio are available for your Moreau assignments and for your answers to self-reflection questions.