Spring 2021 Matriculation

Enrolling at Notre Dame is a new beginning. We'll help you find what's next. Here, you can expect to find helpful reminders and resources as you prepare to join us in Spring 2021. Our mission is to accompany you not only through this time of transition, but through your transformative first semester as a Notre Dame student.

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame!

It is our delight to welcome you to the Notre Dame Family. Below you can find PDF versions of "First Steps Home," your Center for University Advising Newsletter, as well as select letters sent to your ND Gmail account. The date listed for each edition of First Steps Home may differ from the date in which you received your copy. Your reception is contingent upon the date of your enrollment at the University of Notre Dame. If you are an enrolled first-year student joining the University for the first time in Spring 2021 and have not received the First Steps Home newsletter via your new ND Gmail account, please contact firstyear@nd.edu



First Steps Home: January 19, 2021 Edition

Letter from Campus Ministry at Notre Dame: January 18, 2021

Letter from the Division of Student Affairs: January 15, 2021

First Steps Home: January 12, 2021 Edition

Letter from Assistant Vice President of Student Services Christine Caron Gebhardt: January 12, 2021

Letter from Vice President for Student Affairs Erin Hoffmann Harding: January 11, 2021

First Steps Home: January 6, 2021 Edition


First Steps Home: December 15, 2020 Edition