December Checklist

  • Nov 27 – Dec 9


    You must complete the Course Instructor Feedback to receive your final grades online a week early. Learn More

  • Dec 10 – 14

    Final Exams

    Most first-year students will have exams on the Friday of exam week. Travel arrangements should not be made before your last exam. Learn More




Moreau Digital Badge

The Moreau Digital Badge is designed to acknowledge students’ intentional commitment to deep lifelong learning anchored in values consonant with the highest goals and aspirations of the University of Notre Dame. The top 15% of students in the Moreau First Year Experience will be nominated by their instructors. Nominated students will enhance their required ePortfolios by demonstrating how their broader Notre Dame experiences, discoveries, and values, the very “art of completeness” about which Moreau writes. All students who satisfy the judging criteria will be recognized with a badge. For more information, visit the ePortfolio@ ND Badge Directory page.

Final Exams

You will have three reading days to prepare for the final examination period for the first semester — but most examinations are comprehensive, so don’t rely on last minute cramming! Adequate preparation requires good time management and effective use of study resources.

The Learning Resource Center provides review sessions for math and sciences that will start on your first reading day and will continue right up to the scheduled exams for each course. Each session will be two hours long and tutors will be available to answer your questions. Start your review early and come to the sessions with your questions ready. You will be sent an email with the review session schedule in the last week of class.

Grades for the First Semester

Dean’s Honor List

Students on the Dean’s Honor List will be notified officially after the beginning of the second semester. A student qualifies for the Dean’s Honor List by achieving a GPA for the semester that is in the top 30% of the class.

Probation and Dismissal

Students on probation will be notified officially after the beginning of the second semester. Students to be dismissed because of academic failure will be notified after the grades are made available.

Your Undergraduate Research Options

Research, scholarship, and creative endeavor at Notre Dame focus on transformative interdisciplinary efforts that aim to save lives, influence policy, and lift barriers to human development. If you are interested in the possibility of conducting an inquiry or investigation that will involve you in real research questions and allow you to contribute to scholarly work, talk with your First Year advisor in the spring semester about what you might like to do.

Taking part in undergraduate research can help you:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of research techniques
  • Apply what you learn in the classroom in the real world, making your learning both relevant and practical
  • Become intimately acquainted with the research and literature in your chosen field
  • Experience how your efforts can contribute to a field of research, often while traveling and meeting people from all over the world

Learn more about research opportunities and possible funding for your undergraduate research:

Summer Study Abroad Programs 

Interested in a summer study abroad program? Information and a link to the online application can be found on the Study Abroad website. If you have questions, contact your First Year advisor.