August Checklist

  • August 1


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  • August 22-26

    Welcome Weekend

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This page was last updated on March 20, 2019, and is subject to change.

Your fall schedule will be available through insideND on August 1. The summer phase of fall scheduling will be complete on that date, so the schedule you see in NOVO on that day will remain unchanged unless you see your First Year advisor to request adjustments. Advisors will begin to see students about course changes on the Monday before classes start, Schedule Adjustment Day, and continue to see them until the University’s last day for course changes, the sixth class day after the semester starts.

You should be sure to see your First Year advisor on Schedule Adjustment Day if:

  • You do not have five academic courses and the Moreau First Year Experience course (do not count labs, course tutorials, musical activities, and other voluntary activities as separate academic classes);
  • You have a schedule conflict, i.e., classes meeting at the same time;
  • You are scheduled for a course for which you have already earned credit by examination through the AP or IB programs or through taking a Notre Dame credit exam
  • You are considering one of the International Study programs for sophomore year participation and are not registered for both a science and a foreign language; or
  • You have another serious concern about your class schedule such as a change in your intended program of study.

Your advisor may send specific instructions for course change meetings to your Notre Dame email account.

All first-year students must attend and their parents are encouraged to attend Welcome Weekend, August 22-26, 2019.

All first-year students are required to attend Welcome Weekend, which begins with Move In on the Friday before fall semester starts and continues through Sunday. The weekend will be filled with a wide variety of activities for both students and parents. Your parents are not required to attend, but we hope they will come and enjoy our official welcome to Notre Dame with you.

Required First Year of Studies Events

Many people and parts of the University will be involved in the excitement of Welcome Weekend.

The events that are specifically for the First Year of Studies that you must attend are:

  • Your first group meeting with your First Year advisor on Friday
  • The Moreau First Year Experience plenary session on Saturday morning
  • Your first Moreau class session following the Moreau First Year Experience plenary session

The Moreau First Year Experience will be an important part of your transition to Notre Dame. In the plenary session, University leaders, including Dean of the First Year of Studies Hugh Page and Vice President of Student Affairs Erin Hoffmann Harding will explain the purpose and founding principles of the course. They will talk about the pedagogy of Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, whose conception of education as “the art of helping young people to completenes” will help you have a meaningful experience in your first year at Notre Dame. Students who completed the Moreau First Year Experience last year will also share their impressions from the course as well as their perspectives on the challenges and successes of their transition to Notre Dame.

Following the plenary session, you will meet with your Moreau instructor and classmates. In this first class session, you will get to know a group of people who will play an important role in your growth as a Notre Dame student. Your discussion will be a brief introduction to the course, not only the topics you are going to examine, but more importantly how this course is an opportunity for you to integrate your academic work with new experiences on campus. Your Moreau class forms a supportive community for you in which you can explore issues and experiences related to faith, service, culture and wellness and apply them to your own development.

Your first advising session will introduce you to important upcoming tasks and orient you to the First Year of Studies advising process. At Notre Dame, advising is more than helping you choose and register for classes. The First Year of Studies advising faculty guide students through each step of the first-year academic process. Through individual and group advising meetings, your advisor will help you articulate your values and aspirations and craft a comprehensive academic plan. Your advisor will also teach you how to navigate University resources so that you can achieve your goals.

Notre Dame Placement and Credit Testing

The First Year of Studies administers exams for placement in foreign language and credit in mathematics. These exams are designed for the specific requirements of math and foreign language courses at Notre Dame. Students who want to take Notre Dame placement or credit exams will meet the test coordinator at the First Year of Studies office on the second floor of the Coleman-Morse Center at 1:00 pm on Welcome Weekend Friday. Pre-registration is required.

ND Roll Call

A few days before each semester begins, you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar with a link to ND Roll Call. You will have roughly two weeks to complete the ND Roll Call questions. The period to answer will end at midnight on the last day for all class changes – the
6th class day. If you do not answer ND Roll Call by the deadline, all of the courses on your schedule will be dropped.