Peer Advising Program

Peer advisors are a bridge between our advising faculty and first-year students, providing you with access to student perspectives and a chance to build a network of people on campus you can call on for information and suggestions. You can arrange to meet informally with a peer advisor to talk about:

  • adjusting to life at Notre Dame
  • ways to be successful in specific courses
  • good events to attend or opportunities to take advantage of
  • how to think about choosing a major and/or minor
  • options for research or post-graduate work

The First Year of Studies recruits and trains junior and seniors who have a wide variety of interests and experiences as students at Notre Dame. In the fall, you will be assigned a peer advisor based on the current listing of your major. The assigned advisor will contact you by email to set up a meeting, but you may also look through the current list of peer advisors and contact anyone who has a major, minor, interest, or experience that you think may be of help to you.

A link to the directory of peer advisors for 2018-2019 will be posted here by June 1, 2018. Please check this page frequently for updates.