Learning Resource Center

The First Year of Studies’ Learning Resource Center (LRC), located in Room 228 of the Coleman-Morse Center, offers several types of help for your more difficult classes. All sessions are free of charge and meet for two hours in the evenings once or twice a week.

The assistance offered by the LRC is supplemental and is not meant to replace your own efforts, classroom instruction, meetings with your professor, or any other assistance offered by the instructor or department.

Collaborative Learning organizes small groups of 4-6 students enrolled in the same course and section to work together on assignments in mathematics, chemistry, or physics. Upperclass undergraduates who have excelled in your course facilitate problem-solving and help when your group can’t find a successful approach to a problem.

Tutoring is available to you for most classes. You will work with an upperclass student who has a track record of success in your course.

Help Sessions are offered on a regular basis for all mathematics, science, and language courses.

The LRC also offers assistance for some language classes.

To sign up or for more information, come by Room 238 of the Coleman-Morse Center, email the Learning Resource Center, or call (574) 631-5294.