Top 3 Unexpected Study Spaces

Author: Fick '20, Annie

You’ll find your own special study spots this semester, but here’s some suggestions to try from sophomores.

3. The bookstore

The bookstore is a location often overlooked by many ND students. Emma Jennings, a sophomore in
Welsh Fam, began doing work there because it was so close to her dorm. Emma loves studying at the
bookstore because, “you can sit indoors or outdoors depending on the day or your mood. It’s also a
bonus to have Einstein’s right there if you get hungry!”

2. Lewis Hall Back Patio

Gwen McCain shared that her favorite place to study is the back patio behind her dorm, Lewis Hall. It is
shady and quiet, and has a gorgeous view of St. Joe’s lake. “It’s a really good place to go when it is nice
outside, and a lot less depressing than bein*g holed-up in a basement study room.” Gwen adds. The
Lewis Patio is open to residents of all dorms!

1. McKenna Hall Library

Personally, my favorite place to study is the McKenna Hall library. McKenna hall is always quiet and
often does not have many people around because it has very few classes held there. Another bonus is
that McKenna Hall houses the Latino Studies Department, and they often provide snacks and drinks
during finals week to keep the students’ spirits up!