Top 3 Lecture Hacks

Author: Patrick Johnson

As a first-year student, regardless of major, you are bound to take lecture classes. In lecture classes, professors present course material to large audiences of students. Although it may seem fairly straightforward, with a large class comes new opportunities and new challenges.

Top Three Lecture Hacks

3. Don’t be intimidated

Although the class size is large, this is no reason not to participate. Dr. Eva Dziadula of the Department of Economics tells her students to view her lectures as any other class. Encouraging students to ask questions, she supports maximizing students’ class time through active participation. “If you have a question, you can bet that there are other students in the class wondering the same thing,” she says.

2. Talk with your classmates

Don’t be afraid to branch out and meet people. Not only will you make friends with your classmates, but you also can help each other academically. Dr. Kenneth Filchak of the biological sciences department champions the efficacy of small study groups. “Studying together can help students to determine what information they understand sufficiently or will need to further review,” Filchak explains. “As iron sharpens iron, so one student sharpens another.”

1. Show Up

Although many professors don’t take attendance in these large classes, this is no reason for you not to attend. Both professors agree that by choosing not to come to class, you are wasting time, as well as tuition money. Whether you like it or not, there will be mornings that you will be tired and there will be days when you will have no desire to learn. Nevertheless, go to class!