TOP 3 Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Completing Your Schoolwork

Author: Patrick Johnson

TOP 3 Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Completing Your Schoolwork

Do you have trouble starting your work? Do you procrastinate because of how long it takes for you to get started on an assignment? Do simple tasks cause you to spend hours in the study room? Here are three ways to maximize your efficiency in doing schoolwork.


3. Familiarize Yourself with the Assignment 

Before you sit down to work on your assignment, take a look at the guidelines or rubric. It’s much easier to start work on a project when you have an end goal in mind, or how you want the project to turn out. Once you are aware of what is expected of you, it is much easier to have a vision, and once you have a vision, it is much easier to begin work.

2. Set time parameters

In high school, I had a 40 minute study hall a few days a week. Often, during this short 40 minute time constraint, I had a lot of work to get done. At these times, I found I was able to get much done in a short timeframe. By applying pressure on myself, I was more motivated to succeed and finish my work because in this case, not finishing was not an option. Time constraints can help getting ideas moving. By setting a goal and deciding to study within parameters such as 4:00-7:00, rather than “studying until I know it” you will get much more done than you would expect.

1. When writing, record your train of thought first 

Nothing is ever perfect on the first try. One of my biggest flaws in writing is expecting my composition to be finished after the first draft. Flawed logic: “I can’t move past the introduction if I don’t have the perfect hook.” Sound logic: “I am going to start writing, and I can polish the words as I continue to write.” By capturing your train of thought idea by idea, you will save time and effort. Compare this to painstakingly writing the paper word by word, trying to finalize the first draft.


These are just a few tips that have really helped me to get my work done. Go grab a coffee, find a nice, quiet space. Maybe bring a study buddy if it helps. No more complaining and get to work. Using these tips, you will be surprised just how much you are capable of accomplishing.