Top 3 Names in the Class of 2022

Author: Fick '20, Annie

It’s that time of year again! Time for us to figure out the most common names of the first year class. Last year we had plenty of saint names, will this year continue the trend? Without further ado, here are the names you are most likely to find in the class of 2022.

3. Andrew (27) and Grace (25)

In third place we find Grace for girls and Andrew for boys. Both of these names, like last year, can be traced to Christian tradition. Andrew, for Andrew the Apostle, and Grace as in a gift from God. When I informed my sister, first-year Grace Fick, that there are 24 other Graces she replied, “I think I’ve met at least 10 of them.”

2. Matthew (45) and Megan (31)

Securing second place are the names Matthew and Megan. Last year Matthew also landed second place with 40 Matthews, but Megan popped up this year and destroyed the defending champ, Elizabeth. When we say “Megan,” please take into account that we have included all spellings: Megan, Meghan, Meagan, and Meaghan. While St. Matthew is a prominent figure in the Catholic faith, Megan is the first name to make the list that does not have any direct religious connotation.

1. John (53) and Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn (35)

Once again, the winners for most common Notre Dame names for the class of 2022 are John and Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn! Ironically, these two names are the defending champs from the class of 2021. Last year, there were 40 Johns and several Jacks contributing to the win, but this year there were 53 Johns alone, plus an additional 15 Jacks. Let the “Katie from ND” jokes continue, because many of these Katherines likely go by Katie!

Honorable Mentions: For girls we have Caroline (19), Elizabeth (19), and Anna (17). For boys, there was a three-way-tie between Patrick, Thomas, and Joseph at 26 each!