Notes for Your First Year: Choosing a Major

Author: Patrick Johnson

Your first year at Notre Dame is full of discoveries not just about the world but about yourself. When it comes time to discern a major, your best resource may be your First-Year advisor. Your First-Year advisors will help you to best understand the process. They will give you the O’s of selecting a major. You will see your Options (to select from), the Obstacles or requirements (within each particular major), and most importantly the Opportunities that come with each concentration.  

In analyzing your own interests and academic strengths, your advisor will help you to determine which area of study may be best for you and your future career path. Make sure to schedule an appointment with him or her as soon as possible to be prepared for the coming deadline. Do not worry if you’re not sure what you want to study because there are people here to help. Your future starts now--seize it!