Midterm Opportunities for Academic Support and Growth!

Author: Center for University Advising

The Program for Academic Excellence is offering Post-Midterm Opportunities! If you’d like to improve on your midterm grades and reduce your stress and the amount of time spent studying, then it might be time to learn a new way of learning. The Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System teaches you to learn efficiently and effectively with methods that coincide with the way that your brain functions. Click here to Pre-Register for an "Introduction to Guaranteed 4.0 Seminar," hosted on October 1st and October 5th!

The Learning Resource Center can also support your academic growth. Whether working with an upper-class student who has recently taken a first-year course or working with fellow first-year students, participants consistently site LRC sessions as a helpful and positive influence on their academic success. Click here to view a letter from Nahid Erfan Alexandrou, Director of the Learning Resource Center to learn more and register!