Meet Your Class of 2022 Freshman Class Council

Author: Patrick Johnson

Class of 2022’s Freshman Class Council

What is Freshman Class Council? FCC is a group of 30 bright-eyed, charismatic individuals chosen by you and your peers to represent the Class of 2022. Through programming events and managing class affairs, the council works to both unify the Freshman class and make campus a bit brighter for all Notre Dame students.

Each council member was elected by the denizens of his or her respective dorm hall to act as the First Year Representative for all members of that dorm. Within the council, these reps are segmented off into committees, each with different goals and purposes. For example, the spiritual committee members may work to plan the class mass, whereas the social committee may plan the class dance.

The class council holds a separate election inside the council to determine the council’s presidential cabinet. After days of deliberation, the Freshman Class President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are chosen. This year, your team is led by Jordan Theriault as your Commander and Chief, Jack Looney as your Vice President, MJ Haak as the Treasurer, and Timmy Gallagher as the Secretary. Together, their agenda is simple: to bring students together and to leave campus better than they found it.

Jordan, as the council’s fearless leader, leads meetings and sets goals for each committee. As Veep, Jack leads the social committee and ensures that events are frequent and  varied throughout the semester. In handling the books, MJ manages and allocates funds that were raised during the semester as well as the FCC budget. Tim, as Secretary, records everything that happens during meetings and guarantees that they run smoothly. Together, the four work tirelessly to make Notre Dame our home under the dome.

Here are some introductions from your council members:

Jordan Theriault: President

Hey Freshman! I’m Jordan Theriault, and I am currently the President of Freshman Class Council. I hail from Glenview, Illinois, and currently live in Siegfried Hall. I joined class council for two main reasons: to meet freshman I would otherwise not talk to; and to help unify the Notre Dame Freshman Class of 2022. With this new breadth of knowledge and new relationships, the council hopes to plan events that are appealing to the Freshman Class. Whether a spiritual, service, or social event, the goal is to bring the Freshman Class closer together.


Jack Looney: VP

My name is Jack Looney and I’m the current class Vice President. I oversee the social committee on the council and attend monthly campus programming events. I also fill in for the president if he can’t make a meeting. I joined the council because I wanted to help plan really fun and interesting events for the class, as well as bring the freshman together as a whole. I hope not only to develop my own leadership skills, but also the abilities of the whole class to try and make Notre Dame even better.


MJ Haak: Treasurer

My name is Mark John Haak, and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I serve as the Treasurer on Freshman Class Council, meaning that I work with the other officers to manage the money and to organize funds for other projects and events. I joined FCC because I thought it'd be a good opportunity to serve in a leadership role and that it'd be a fun way to meet other members of the freshman class.


Timmy Gallagher: Secretary

My name is Timmy Gallagher, and I am from just outside of Philadelphia, PA. I live in O'Neill Family Hall. I am the Secretary on FCC, and I ensure that meetings run smoothly. I also make sure that the entire class gains a voice in our decisions through the feedback we get from emails to the entire class. I joined FCC because I was a part of student government in high school and knew that I wanted to continue. I want to make sure that the Class of 2022's four years at Notre Dame are the best they possibly can be.