InsideND's Graduation Progress System

Author: Patrick Johnson

InsideND’s GPS, or Graduation Progress System, is an asset provided by our university that many students find particularly helpful in managing their studies. The GPS is a personalized degree audit tool that is used to track your unique progress towards the completion of your college education.

First, go to and in the search bar type “GPS.” Click on the first link and login with your NetID and password. Once logged in, you will be able to see all of the information surrounding your own academic profile. This profile will include all the classes that you are taking (or in progress), all the classes you need to take to graduate, the number of credits required for you to graduate, as well as your current GPA and major.

The GPS will also show how far along you are with your university requirements, college requirements, and courses for your major(s) or any minors you may have declared. Completed courses are marked with a green check, whereas courses to be completed are highlighted in red. Students are encouraged to use the GPS to plan progress towards the completion of the listed requirements as well as to analyze where there is room to take course electives.

The GPS helps paint a clear picture of a student’s current academic status, but it also shows all the work that is still required for a degree. This makes it an incredible resource in academic planning, making it much easier to construct a four-year plan or simply to allot what classes you wish to take for each semester.  If you need help interpreting the GPS, schedule an appointment with your First Year advisor, and they would be happy to explain it for you.

An old adage reads, “It doesn’t matter how many tools you have if you don’t use them.” Unfortunately, some domers are not aware of the expansive collection of academic tools made available to them by the university. These resources help students to achieve more in the classroom and to make the most of their Notre Dame education. Learn more by checking out Notre Dame’s GPS.