Checking Your Registration Status and Holds in DART

Author: Fick '20, Annie

Students will use DART to register for Fall 2018.

The DART Application

Dart Holds

To check your registration status, holds, and time ticket, log into insideND and search “registration.” The icon “DART Registration- Status and Holds” will appear in the search results. Click on the icon to continue.

Time Ticket

Dart Pagetix

Your registration time ticket is the first line that will appear on the page. This is the time slot when you will first be able to use DART to register. If you do not have a time ticket as pictured above, contact your declared college.

Registration Holds

Dart Pagestatus

Campus offices may place holds which prevent a student from registering. Holds are generally places on your record if you have an outstanding financial obligation to the University or have not met a particular enrollment requirement. Typical holds are "Health Center Hold" and "Student Accounts Hold."

Holds will not be removed until you resolve the problem with the office that placed it. It is important to resolve these issues with the appropriate office now or you will not be able to register for classes on time.

Academic Standing and Student Status

Dart Pagestatus

Finally you will see your academic standing and student status. Both of these must have a green check indicating you can register.