Notes From the First Year: What Do I Do With My Midterm Grades?

Author: Fick '20, Annie

If you are like me, you may not know your exact grades in many of your courses. Several of my professors do not update grades in Sakai, so I will not see some of my grades until midterm reports come out. Coming from school systems where students and parents can see updated grades at any moment online, this can be nerve-wracking to first-years, myself included. Thankfully, I was able to talk with Elly Brenner (pictured right), First Year of Studies assistant dean for records and registration, who helped me understand how to view and evaluate midterm grades.

After tests this week, you will be able to view your midterm grades in insideND on October 18th. Then, on October 19th, a paper copy of these grades will be mailed to you at your home address.

Assistant Dean Brenner had some great advice about how to address these midterm reports: “One thing that your midterm grades can immediately tell you is if you forgot to drop a course.” Many students will sign up for a class like a one-credit seminar or band, and then decide not to take it anymore, without ever officially dropping it. These students receive unsatisfactory or failing grades in such courses because they are still registered. If you find this is the case for you, you should contact your First Year advisor to drop the course.

She also suggested that students who aren’t happy with their midterm grades should make an appointment with their advisor. You and your advisor can work together to rethink your learning strategies and take advantage of the learning resources available to you.

Remember, if something isn’t working out, the final drop deadline for this semester is Friday, Oct 28th. Talk to your professor and your First Year advisor before dropping a class, and don’t forget you must have a 12 credit minimum to be enrolled as a full-time student.