12 Ways to Save Money

Author: Laine Davison '21

You are now halfway through your first year, and the money your grandma slipped you before saying goodbye has probably been spent at the bookstore, the mall, or on Eddy Street. You’ve been burning the plastic on your Ir1sh ID Card at TBell, Starbucks, the huddle, and many other on-campus eateries. Now you're panicking. How can you survive the rest of the semester on nothing but dining hall food? Here are a few tips so you can spend smarter and earn harder.

1. Don’t buy up the entire Huddle when you go to grab a snack. Choose only what you need. Buying that extra bag of chips adds up...and think of all the calories you’ll save.

2. When doing laundry, use your ID card- each load will be 25 cents cheaper than if you use quarters. That adds up!

3. If you’re attempting to decide dining hall or restaurant, choose what is closer. Standing in front of Keenan Hall? NDH. Finishing leg-day at the Rock? SDH. Ready for lunch after Psych class in Corbett Family Hall? Go ahead and treat yourself to Modern Market.

4. Grab n Go is your best friend. Even if you aren’t crazy about their options, why not get some extra food or water for free? Having those cereal bars, Cheez-Its, or mini-waters on hand is very convenient if you don’t have time for breakfast or need a study snack.

5. Limit the Starbucks trips and stick to the coffee or tea in the dining hall. Spending $5 once or twice daily on coffee drains your flex points quickly. Consider it a treat, not a staple. Plus, many departments around campus such as Campus Ministry have free coffee for students.

6. When someone wants to send you something to let you know they care, ask for Domer Dollars instead. There is an option on Inside ND Campus Card which allows for friends and family to add money to your account.

7. Bond Hall is Notre Dame’s best kept secret. Located behind Sorin College, this building has a fast food restaurant that serves whole meals at $4 a pop. Try it out!

8. Reusable water bottles are KEY! There are water fountains everywhere; don’t spend your money on water.

9. Don’t “treat” others. That is your ID card, they have their own.

10. Work out a system with your friends when it comes to orderings Ubers. There is a “split my ride” option on the app, but it also charges you 25 cents. Keep a record of who paid for what and Venmo accordingly!


12. Finally, college can be very hectic, but if you feel as though you have a little time to spare, checkout the employment options around campus. There are a variety of options with flexible schedules. Some may even let you do your homework!