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Top 3 Stress Relievers

Author: Annie Fick '20

As the first round of exams approaches, it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Here are a few tips from Jenna Gehl Jones at the McWell Center to stay healthy— mentally and physically! Read More

Moreau Instructor Guinan Connects With First-Year Students

Author: Justin Nortey '19

The Moreau First Year Experience course sequence, FYS10101 and FYS 10102, has become an integral part of the lives of first-year students at Notre Dame. Currently in its second year, this course is designed to help them make a seamless transition to life at the University by facilitating the integration of their academic, co-curricular, and residential experiences. The instructors for the course, drawn from units all over campus, are the heart of this experience.

Mr. Tom Guinan, Associate Vice President for Administrative Operations for Notre Dame International, is an example of a non-traditional instructor who relishes the opportunity to connect with first-year students. Read More

The Value of a Minor

Author: Justin Nortey

At Notre Dame, there are three curricular configurations: Majors which are comprised of eight to ten three-credit classes, supplementary majors which require twenty-four credits, and minors which require fifteen credits. What is the benefit of a minor? Read More

Balancing Athletics and Academic Goals

Author: Anne Fick '20

First-year fencers Christina Boitano and Julia Barry were asked about the hardest part of being a student athlete. Both replied, “Time management.” Time management can be difficult any first-year student, but even harder if you are an athlete. Read More

Ask Annie: What Do I Do With My Midterm Grades?

Author: Anne Fick '20

If you are like me, you may not know your exact grades in many of your courses. Several of my professors do not update grades in Sakai, so I will not see some of my grades until midterm reports come out. Coming from school systems where students and parents can see updated grades at any moment online, this can be nerve-wracking to first-years, myself included. Read More

Ask Annie: How Do I Fix an Exam Conflict?

Author: Anne Fick '20

Hello everyone! My name is Annie Fick, and, as a freshman at Notre Dame myself, I’ve had a lot of questions about adjusting to college life. That gave me the idea to set up this column: Ask Annie. I will be answering questions asked by you guys — ND first-year students. The question I am answering today is one of my own: “How do I handle final exam conflicts?” Read More

Peer Advisors: An Important Resource

Author: Claire Radler '19

Coming to Notre Dame, I knew almost no one. Sure, I had met a few people at admitted student events or tours, but I was nowhere close to feeling comfortable when I first arrived on campus. The moment that really hit me was during the opening First Year Mass when I looked around the completely full Joyce Center and realized the only people I knew besides my roommate were the people standing to either side of me, my parents. Read More