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Den Dialogues

This page was last updated on July 18, 2017.

Assessing opposing arguments, using evidence to resolve controversies, and integrating ideas from different disciplines are hallmarks of an inquiring mind. Den Dialogues is a discussion of current events and issues designed to enhance these vital intellectual skills.

Notre Dame faculty lead Den Dialogues discussions in their homes, encouraging and participating in a lively exchange of ideas.Meetings are two hours long (Student should budget 3 hours to include travel) and focus on a topic or issue selected by faculty hosts in collaboration with first-year students.

Thursday, February 8, 5:15 to 8:00 pm

Host: Dr. Kerry Myers, Asst. Dean in the College of Engineering
Topic of Discussion: Opportunities and Access to Higher Education

Monday, March 26, 5:30 to 8:00 pm

Host: Dr. Nancy Michael, Director of Undergraduates Studies, Neuroscience and Behavior
Topic of Discussion: How is Your First Year Going? / Stress, Sleep, Relationships, etc.

For all events, students are picked up at the Library at 5:15 picked up at Library and returned by 8:00 pm.

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