University of Notre Dame

Intellectual Engagement

This is the way to get the most from Notre Dame.

Success in your first year at Notre Dame involves more than just going to class and getting A’s — not only do you need to participate fully in the classroom, but you should be open to the life-changing experiences that engaging with art, music, literature, religion, history, science, and mathematics outside the classroom will bring. Students who actively engage with our many campus communities, both formal and informal, make a smoother transition to the University and have a richer, more fulfilling first-year experience. Finding your place in our community is so important that the Rev. Hugh Page, Dean of the First Year of Studies, has created a set of “must-do” activities called The Dean’s A-List to inspire you to find your unique calling at Notre Dame and to recognize you for what you achieve outside the classroom in your first year.

If you are not sure where to start in finding community, talk with your First Year advisor about what your interests and hobbies are. You advisor is well-versed in the many resources and opportunities at Notre Dame and will be able to connect you with new possibilities for personal and intellectual development.

Here are a few ideas to start your thinking about this important aspect of your first year: