University of Notre Dame


Each semester, you will be expected to take five courses in addition to the Moreau First Year Experience and to schedule courses that will complete your First Year Curriculum by the end of the spring semester of your first year at Notre Dame. If this required curriculum is not completed by then, you will be retained in the First Year of Studies until it is completed.

A good working partnership with your First Year Advisor is the key to making sure that you achieve all that is required and all that you want in your first year at the University. There are four crucial times that you must meet with your advisor during your first year:

  • A general advising session on the Saturday of First Year Orientation, to fully understand the academic requirements ahead.
  • A one-on-one meeting within the first half of the first semester (i.e., before Fall Break in October), to discuss your transition to Notre Dame.
  • A general advising session in November, to prepare to register for spring semester classes.
  • A one-on-one meeting within the first half of the second semester (i.e. before Spring Break in March), to discuss plans for your sophomore year and to make your formal college declaration.

These meetings are required for all first-year students, but they aren’t the only times that you can connect with your First Year Advisor. Your advisor can meet with you, or communicate with you by phone or email, any time you need help or just someone who will listen.

In addition to meeting your academic requirements and building and maintaining a successful relationship with your First Year Advisor, you are expected to be an upstanding member of the Notre Dame community:

  • All first-year students must know and abide by the University’s Code of Honor. The University of Notre Dame is a scholarly community in which faculty and students share knowledge, ideas, and creative works. Notre Dame’s Academic Code of Honor expresses our common commitment and moral responsibility to represent accurately and to credit the contributions of every individual.
  • We are all called upon to participate in the Notre Dame community in accordance with the University’s Spirit of Inclusion: “The University of Notre Dame strives for a spirit of inclusion among the members of this community for distinct reasons articulated in our Christian tradition … We welcome all people, regardless of color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social or economic class, and nationality, for example, precisely because of Christ’s calling to treat others as we desire to be treated.”

You will receive communications regularly from the First Year of Studies that will help you meet the expectations that we have of you to become a successful student at Notre Dame. You should always read emails and letters from the First Year of Studies very carefully. In particular, don’t miss the mailings you will receive from us in early May and early June. These information packets will contain vital information for the start of your academic career. You should also check the First Year of Studies tab in insideND regularly for updates and information.