University of Notre Dame
This is the Way

Real People
Real Stories.

Students of every interest have experienced their First Year of Studies in a way that has set the course for their future.

Meet some of them here.
Adrianna Garcia
Arts & Letters / Philosophy & Spanish
Colby Hoyer
Arts & Letters / FTT & Anthropology
Dominic Romeo
Arts and Letters/Political Science & Chinese
Emily Mediate
Arts and Letters/Africana Studies & ALPP
Kate Christian
Undecided Business/Minor- Theology & Sustainability
Mark Stechschulte
Arts & Letters/Pre-Professional Anthropology
Kelly Passabet
Arts and Letters/Pre-Professional
Nicole Masiello
Arts & Letters
Katie Bascom
Arts & Letters/Russian & English
Daniel Brach
Mendoza College of Business/Management Consulting
Hansel Weihs
Aerospace Engineering/Program of Liberal Studies
Becky Jegier
Arts & Letters / Marketing & Spanish