University of Notre Dame

Welcome From the Dean of the First Year of Studies

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame and to the First Year of Studies, the college that serves as academic home for all first-year students! We are delighted that you have chosen to continue your academic journey within our community of scholars. Rigorous preparation for a life devoted to the pursuit of truth, the contemplation of nature’s mysteries, and service to the world at large have long been goals that have shaped the parameters of the Catholic intellectual tradition. At Notre Dame, we seek to provide a holistic educational experience consistent with these aims that enables all students — regardless of academic major — to develop the disciplines of mind and heart that foster maturity, responsible citizenship, and success in any endeavor.

As a student in the First Year of Studies, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist you in planning your academic program, provide information about the University’s resources and opportunities, and support you in your transition to college life. We are eager to assist you in articulating and realizing your dreams. Notre Dame is a boundless resource that will serve you well as each stage of your new educational journey unfolds. During your time with us, our goal is to enable you to make the very best use of the many opportunities for intellectual growth and development that the University affords.

To make the very best use possible of the experiences and opportunities your first year will bring, you should learn all you can about what lies ahead. Start by understanding the point of it all.