Welcome Weekend and Move-In

Welcome Weekend and Move-In

Information about the schedule of Welcome Weekend events can be found at: welcomeweekend.nd.edu.

All first-year students, except those approved for early arrival, will move in on the Friday of First Year Welcome Weekend. Students will receive a Move-in Card in the mail from the Office of Housing. This card gives you access to campus for move-in and includes detailed information about which entrance to use and what day and two-hour time slot you have been assigned for arrival. You may not arrive before your assigned time slot.

The Office of Housing has specific information about Move-In restrictions and times.

When you arrive, approach campus from your designated gate as indicated on your Move-In Card. You will be asked to line-up at a staging area and wait until space becomes available near your residence hall for move-in. This can take up to 45 minutes depending on how many people are ahead of you. When you are released to drive onto campus, follow the signs to your residence hall and drive-up as instructed by an Usher. You will then have 5-10 minutes to unload your belongings at the curb then move your vehicle to an external parking lot. No parking will be allowed near the residence halls. Welcome Weekend Staff from your hall will greet you when you arrive at your hall and help you unload and move-in. After you move your belongings in and get your key, you can return to the residence hall and drop off more items, but you will have to wait in the staging area again.

Once you arrive at your residence hall to move-in, you will be asked to complete an emergency contact form at your hall’s check-in desk. You will receive your room key and other information during your check-in.

The Office of Housing has a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may be helpful.

Here are some links and information that will help you get ready for Welcome Weekend:


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