University of Notre Dame


Autobiography of a Mathematician: Sonja Mapes

February 17 5:00 - 6:00PM
EVENT TYPE: Find Your Way, Get a Little Help, Get Oriented, Work Your Intellect LOCATION: 127 Hayes-Healy Hall

Faculty Host: Professor Sonja Mapes

Featuring Sonja Mapes, Ph.D., Notre Dame undergraduate class of 2012, currently Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Mathematics here at Notre Dame. The Math Club in partnership with the Department of Mathematics presents this new autobiographical lecture series presenting exposés of the lives of recent graduates of Notre Dame Math. If you’re thinking about studying mathematics, or simply want to learn about the diverse career options a degree in Mathematics permits, visit this lecture and hear Dr. Mapes’ own story about how mathematics has shaped her life, and how it could potentially shape yours as well.

Complimentary pizza and drinks will be served after the lecture.