University of Notre Dame

The Center for Social Concerns Fall/Winter Course

The Center for Social Concerns offers a course exploring poverty in urban areas that starts in the fall and includes parts of the winter break and early spring semester.

THEO 33963: Social Concerns Seminar: The Churchand Social Action—Urban Plunge

This one-credit course begins with three class sessions on poverty in the fall, includes a 2-3 day experience in an urban area over winter break, and concludes with a follow-up session during the early part of spring semester. Popularly known as the “Urban Plunge,” the course provides students with a concentrated educational module to learn more about the structures, processes, and opportunities that shape the lives of many inner-city residents. Requirements include readings on poverty and from Catholic social teachings as well as a short reflection/analysis. Each January, over 250 students participate in more than 40 sites throughout the country.