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This page was last updated on October 25, 2017, and is subject to change.

CLGR 10002 Beginning Greek II

CLLA 10001 Beginning Latin I

CLLA 10002 Beginning Latin II

CSLC 10102 Beginning Swahili II

CSLC 10111 Beginning Bengali I

CSLC 10112 Beginning Bengali II

CSLC 10122 Beginning Vietnamese II

CSLC 10131 Beginning Turkish I

CSLC 10132 Beginning Turkish II

EALC 10001 Elementary Chinese I

EALC 10112 First Year Chinese II

EALC 10152 First-Year Readings in Chinese II

EALJ 10001 Elementary Japanese I

EALJ 10112 First-Year Japanese II

EALJ 10152 First Year Readings in Japanese II

EALK 10001 Elementary Korean I

EALK 10112 First-Year Korean II

GE 10101 Beginning German I

GE 10102 Beginning German II

GE 10312 Intensive German II

IRLL 10101 Beginning Irish I

IRLL 10102 Beginning Irish II

LLRO 10118 Beginning Creole II

MEAR 10001 First Year Arabic I

MEAR 10002 First Year Arabic II

ROFR 10101 Beginning French I *

ROFR 10102 Beginning French II

ROIT 10101 Beginning Italian I

ROIT 10102 Beginning Italian II

ROIT 10110 Beginning Italian

ROPO 10104 Beginning Portuguese II

ROPO 10105 Beginning Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

ROPO 10115 Intensive Portuguese

ROSP 10101 Beginning Spanish I *

ROSP 10102 Beginning Spanish II

ROSP 10110 Beginning Spanish

RU 10102 Beginning Russian II

  • Must see Prof. Shauna Williams in the Department of Romances Languages and Literatures for approval.