University of Notre Dame

The Mendoza College of Business

The Mendoza College of Business offers the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.


Accountancy, Finance, Information Technology Management, Management Consulting, Management Entrepreneurship, Marketing

In the sophomore year, business students follow a common curriculum, which includes an introductory class in each of the majors available in Business. This common curriculum enables the students to make a more-informed choice when selecting a major in the second semester of the sophomore year. Students can pursue only one major in the college, but the college does allow a second major outside Business.

The BBA degree requires 126 credits. Of the 126 required credits, a student has up to11 free elective credits and 18 non-business elective credits. Consequently, a student has great flexibility in selecting courses that meet his or her particular academic and career plans.

A graduate from the college will have accumulated credits in the the Mendoza College of Business requirements table, including First Year credits. One of the courses marked by an asterisk (*) will be taken as a University Seminar. Courses marked by (†) exclude economics.

Students intending to do research and/or graduate work in business are advised to take MATH 10550–10560 so that they can include further calculus in their future schedules.