University of Notre Dame

Sample Engineering Schedule

Any engineering program or the Engineering-Arts and Letters dual degree

Fall Semester

1. Writing and Rhetoric or University
2. MATH 10550
3. CHEM 10171
4. University Requirement/Elective
5. EG 10111
6. FYS 10101

Students with AP credit for MATH 10550 and 10560 should request MATH 20550 for the fall semester.

Spring Semester

1. Writing and Rhetoric or University
2. MATH 10560
3. CHEM 10122* or other technical course or University Requirement; required for chemical or environmental engineering; recommended for engineering students who are undecided.
4. PHYS 10310
5. EG 10112
6. FYS 10102

Engineering intents should note that topical science courses will not count as electives in the College of Engineering. Topical science courses are designed for students planning to major in architecture, an Arts and Letters program, or business. These courses generally do not have a lab component and are sometimes interdisciplinary in nature and focus on themes that may have an ethical or value-related dimension.

Engineering intents are strongly urged to consider taking philosophy and/ or theology in the first semester in order to maintain greater flexibility in scheduling electives later in their academic programs.