University of Notre Dame

Introduction to Engineering

EG 10111 and 10112: Introduction to Engineering Systems I and II

Required for Engineering intents

Corequisite: MATH 10550 or 10850

This two-semester sequence of courses introduces engineering intents to the role of engineers in society and illustrates how engineers design systems and solve problems. It introduces basic engineering skills, including how to identify, formulate, and solve problems; how to verify and communicate results; and how to use computers to aid in this process. Students are actively engaged in applying engineering design methods to solve practical problems involving a team approach to plan, design, analyze, implement, evaluate, and report on engineering activities.

Students are introduced to the University computer systems and resources, and use computers to perform automated calculation, information processing, and engineering system control. Computer- based problem-solving environments such as MATLAB and structured language programming of micro-controllers, essential tools for today’s engineers, are integrated into the course. Group projects introduce issues in multi-disciplinary engineering system design. Project topics emphasize the use of modeling, analysis, and simulation. Students design, fabricate, demonstrate, and document the design of various simple systems with particular emphasis on the use of a microprocessor for information gathering and for control.