University of Notre Dame

The College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters grants the bachelor of arts and bachelor of fine arts degrees. If you are fairly certain that you will follow an Arts and Letters program but are unsure which one it will be, take comfort in knowing that you will not need to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year. The exceptions are economics, the fine arts, music, medical pre-professional, and the engineering combination programs. If you are considering any of these, please follow the recommendations for that particular program.


Typically consist of 24 to 36 credit hours and are offered in Africana Studies; American Studies; Anthropology; Arabic Studies; Art History; Art Studio; Chinese; Classics (Greek or Latin); Design; Economics; English; Film, Television, and Theatre; French; Gender Studies; German; Greek and Roman Civilization; History; International Economics; Irish; Italian; Japanese; Mathematics (Honors); Medieval Studies; Music; Philosophy; Philosophy/Theology; Political Science; Program of Liberal Studies; Psychology; Romance Languages and Literatures; Russian; Sociology; Spanish; and Theology


Must be taken in combination with one of the full majors listed above. There are 23 supplementary majors currently offered by the College of Arts and Letters. Below is a small sample:

Africana Studies; Arts and Letters Pre-professional Program (premedical and other health-related professions); Medieval Studies; Environmental Sciences Program (offered by the College of Science); Gender Studies; and Peace Studies


Usually consist of a five-course sequence. The college has three categories of minors. Below is a small sample of offered minors:

Departmental Minors

Africana Studies; Arabic; Art History; Business Economics; Classical Literature; Constitutional Studies; German; Irish Language and Literature; Portuguese; and Theology

Interdisciplinary Minors

Catholic Social Tradition; Education, Schooling, and Society; Hesburgh Program in Public Service; Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy; Latino Studies; Liturgical Music; Medieval Studies; Peace Studies; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Poverty Studies; Science, Technology, and Values; and Technology, Business, and Society

Area Studies Minors

African; Asian; European; Irish; Latin American; Mediterranean/Middle East; and Russian/East European Studies
(See for a complete listing of supplementary majors and minors.)


Completion of an arts and letters degree, except the mathematics major, requires a minimum of 120 credit hours distributed as outlined in the College of Arts and Letters requirements table. One of the courses marked by an asterisk (*) will be taken as a University Seminar.