Program or Major Update Submission

Types of Content

We strive to keep all information about departments, majors, supplemental majors, minors, and other academic programs up-to-date on our website and in our Academic Guide. We appreciate your help in making sure we have:

  • The latest requirements for completing a major, supplemental major, or minor
  • AP / IB / SATII test credit allowed
  • New majors, supplemental majors, or minors
  • New developments in a college or department that might impact first-year students
  • Application processes that a program or major may have and the deadlines for completing them

Submission Deadlines

Changes are made to website content as they are submitted. Please allow one week for web content changes.

The First Year of Studies strives to have the First Year of Studies Academic Guide ready for the incoming class by April 1. We will solicit information from Directors of Undergraduate Study in January of each year, but you are welcome to submit information at any time using our “Submit Major or Program Update” form.

Submit Major or Program Update Form