For Faculty and Staff

The First Year of Studies has a variety of ways to communicate information to first-year students and their parents that include:

  • our website, with news and calendar functions
  • our tab in insideND
  • monthly electronic newsletters
  • digital signage
  • print material display (very limited)
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Please note that we do not use ND LISTSERV to communicate with first-year students or parents.

We email information directly to first-year students in special circumstances, but we try very hard to limit use of this means of communication because it overburdens students’ inboxes.

We are happy to discuss sharing your information or announcements with our students and parents. Please keep in mind that we may be unable to distribute content that falls outside the scope of First Year communications.


  • Website updates, print display, Twitter, and Facebook are on-going
  • Our electronic newsletters are distributed on the first of the month for students and the fifteenth of the month for parents
  • Our tab in insideND and our digital sign are updated on a bi-weekly basis