Withdrawing From Courses

This page was last updated on May 29, 2019 and is subject to change.

Students have until the Friday following mid-semester break to drop a course. 

First-year students must meet with their advisor to discuss dropping a course. Topics in the discussion will include why the student wants to drop the course, how the student is performing in the course, if the student has sought assistance for the course, and how the drop will affect the student's curriculum. The advisor may make recommendations on what the student can do to continue in the course and/or will recommend the student talk with the professor before making a decision on whether or not to drop the course. A first-year student needs a professor's permission and the permission of The Office of First Year Advising to drop a course.

The deadline to submit a request from your first-year advisor to withdraw from a course is 5:00 pm on the Friday following mid-semester break.

First-year students are required to complete 26 credit hours including Writing and Rhetoric, a University Seminar, and two semesters of the Moreau First Year Experience. Students who do not complete these requirements will be retained as first-year students.