Withdrawing From Courses

This page was last updated on September 17, 2017 and is subject to change.

Withdrawing from courses is to be avoided if possible. Your First Year advisor will assist you in requesting permission to withdraw from a course if necessary, but there are many strategies you can pursue when courses prove challenging, and withdrawing from the course should be viewed as the last option. Because withdrawing from a course can have serious consequences for your progress at Notre Dame, the procedure for requesting to withdraw from a course is designed to assist you in investigating ways you might be successful in the course without withdrawing from it and to help you become aware of the consequences of withdrawing from the course should that be necessary.

If you wish to request withdrawal from a course, you must first make an appointment to meet with your First Year advisor. The required paperwork can only be initiated by your advisor.

Withdrawing from, or “dropping,” a course may make it difficult to stay on track in your intended major. Furthermore, during the first year you are required to complete at least 24 credit hours including Writing and Rhetoric, a University Seminar, and two semesters of the Moreau First Year Experience. If you do not complete these requirements, you will be retained in the First Year of Studies for a third semester.

To avoid the need to withdraw from a course you find particularly challenging, first work with the instructor to address the problems and discuss possible solutions. Talk with your First Year advisor about the assistance available in the Learning Resource Center, including collaborative learning groups, tutorials, help sessions, and study skill assistance. However, if you still feel it may be necessary to withdraw from a course, remember that you must apply to withdraw from the course through your First Year advisor and discuss the decision with the instructor of the course.

The deadline to submit a request to withdraw from a course is 5:00 p.m. on the Friday following the mid-semester break. When you officially apply to withdraw from a course your advisor will discuss the consequences of withdrawing from the course with you and then present the request with supporting information to the dean of the First Year of Studies.

Every course drop must be approved by the dean. You must continue to attend class until you have received formal notification in writing that the drop is approved by Dean Page.