Mid-Term Grades and Deficiencies

Course instructors must submit a mid-semester letter grade to the University Registrar for each first-year student. The mid-semester grade report is mailed to the students' home addresses over fall and spring breaks. The grades are also available online on Wednesday of break weeks. 

For students with a letter grade of C-, D, or F, instructors also submit a deficiency report that identifies specific problems in class performance. The deficiency report does not become part of a student’s permanent record — it does not harm the student in any way. In many cases, students who receive mid-term deficiencies are able to raise their grades by the end of the term.

Deficiency reports are intended to help first-year students and their advisors proactively address academic issues. Students who receive deficiency reports should contact their first-year advisors immediately after returning from break. Advisors will work with students to develop solutions to maximize class performance and help students find the best options for their academic success.

Schedule an advisor appointment online at firstyear.nd.edu/appointment once the link is active at the beginning of July.