Dean's List

This page was last updated on May 29, 2019 and is subject to change.

The minimum grade point average for dean's honors for first-year students represent the top 30% of students in the class. These grade point averages are calculated using the previous year's term gpa's. To be eligible for dean's honors, an undergraduate student must be registered in 12 graded credit hours.

After the first year, the minimum term grade point averages for dean's honors in each college and school represent the top 30% of students in that college or school. The dean's honor list is restricted to those students who 1) carry at least 12 graded credit hours in the previous semester and 2) have a grade point average in that semester which meets a minimum requirement set by the dean of any college or school in which they are currently enrolled. At the beginning of each academic year, each college and school will choose and make known to its students and the University Registrar the necessary minimum grade point average. This choice will be made so that by best estimates 30 percent of the students in the college or school will receive dean's honor list in a given semester.

The Dean's List requirements are updated each term and posted at: