Absence From Class

This page was last updated on September 17, 2017 and is subject to change.

Your undergraduate education at Notre Dame should be a personally and intellectually transformative experience: class attendance is critical to getting the most from your education.

The University recognizes, however, that there are circumstance that may prevent a student from attending class. Pages 4-5 of the Undergraduate Academic Code outline the University's class attendance and conduct policy.

The First Year of Studies does not grant excuses for absence from class. Although we cannot provide an official University excuse, if you expect to miss or have missed several classes for a good reason, you should notify your First Year advisor. Your advisor can help you contact the right people and offices to obtain approval for an excused absence.

The penalty for excessive unexcused absences is determined by the professor of the course and will be announced by the professor at the beginning of the semester.