Policies & Procedures

As a first-year student, the most important thing you should remember about administrative policies and procedures is that they almost always begin with your first-year advisor. Your advisor is here to ensure that you make well-informed academic decisions that contribute to the timely completion of your course of study and, therefore, to your success at Notre Dame.

All changes to your schedule, whether they are drops/adds in the first week of class, or withdrawing from a course later in the semester, must be completed with the input and assistance of your advisor.

Your first-year advisor is responsible for keeping up-to-date records of your academic decisions, academic progress, and your contact information in a student file that will be passed on to your new college or school after you declare a program and major in the spring and register for classes. Keeping your mailing address and home contact information current is very important.

All of your academic information is confidential and is governed by the federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, known as FERPA. Speak with your advisor if you have any questions.