List of Majors Available to First-Years

This page was last updated on June 5, 2018, and is subject to change.

In order to complete the Course Preference Form and select classes, you will be asked to choose one of the programs listed below. If you
need help making a selection, contact your First Year advisor.

School of Architecture (ARCH)

ARCH: Architecture

College of Arts and Letters (AL)

AL-AFST: Africana Studies
AL-AFST: Africana Studies
AMST: American Studies
ARHI: Art History
ARST: Art Studio
ANTH: Anthropology
ARBC: Arabic
AL-MATH HONS: Math Honors
AL-CLAL: Classics
AL-DESN: Design - Bachelor of Fine Arts
AL-EALC: Chinese
AL-EALJ: Japanese
AL-ECON: Economics
AL-ENGL: English
AL-FTT: Film, Television, and Theatre
AL-GE: German
AL-GRRC: Greek and Roman Civilization
AL-GSC: Gender Studies
AL-HIST: History
AL-IEAR: Internatnl Economics - Arabic
AL-IECH: Internatnl Econmics - Chinese
AL-IEGE: International Economics - German
AL-IEJA: Internatnl Econmics - Japanese
AL-IERL: International Economics - Romance Languages
AL-IERU: International Economics - Russian
AL-IRLL: Irish Language and Literature
AL-MI: Medieval Studies
AL-MUS: Music
AL-NSBH: Neuroscience and Behavior—Arts & Letters
AL-PHIL: Philosophy
AL-PHTH: Philosophy and Theology
AL-APH2: Preprofessional Studies—Arts & Letters
AL-PLS: Program of Liberal Studies
AL-POLS: Political Science
AL-PSY: Psychology
AL-REE2: Russian & E. European (Supplementary)
AL-RLL: Romance Languages and Literatures
AL-ROFR: French
AL-ROIT: Italian
AL-ROSP: Spanish
AL-RU: Russian
AL-SOC: Sociology
AL-THEO: Theology

Mendoza College of Business (BA)

BA–None: Business, all majors

College of Engineering (EG)

EG–AERO: Aerospace Engineering
EG–CHEG: Chemical Engineering
EG–CE: Civil Engineering EG–CPEG: Computer
EG–CS: Computer Science
EG–EE: Electrical Engineering
EG–EVES: Environmental Earth Sciences
EG–EVEG: Environmental Engineering
EG–ME: Mechanical Engineering
EG–AL: Engineering/Arts and Letters five-year dual

College of Science (SC)

SC-ACMS: Applied & Comp Math and Stats
SC-BCHM: Science - Biochemistry
SC-BIOS: Science - Biological Sciences
SC-CHBU: Chemistry/Business
SC-CHCO: Chemistry/Computing
SC-CHEM: Science - Chemistry
SC-ES: Science - Environmental
SC-MATH: Mathematics - Bachelor of Science
SC-NSBH: Neuroscience and Behavior—Science
SC-PHIM: Physics in Medicine
SC-PHYS: Science - Physics
SC-SCBU: Science - Business
SC-SCCO: Science - Computing
SC-SCED: Science - Education
SC-SCPP: Preprofessional Studies—Science
SC-STAT: Statistics