Registration Resources for Fall 2020

July Advising Meeting

By July 1, your First Year Advisor will contact you via your ND Gmail account to welcome you once more to the Notre Dame community and to provide additional details on your one-on-one July Advising Meeting. During this July Meeting, you and your advisor will meet via Zoom to finalize your fall course schedule. Check your ND Gmail account daily for instructions on how and when to register for this meeting.

Before meeting with your advisor, you must complete several necessary course-building tasks. Linked below are resources to assist you, including the First-Year Student Registration Preparation Guide.

You must use this guide, along with information gained from your June Advising Team Meetings, to prepare, review, and create the necessary documents in advance of your one-on-one meeting July Advising Meeting.


First-Year Student Registration Preparation Guide

First-Year Curriculum Guide

How to Use the Planner tool

Creating Your Fall Schedule Graphics

Video: How to Prepare for Your July Advising Meeting

June Advising Team Meetings

Click here to find links to register for individual Advising Team Meetings, according to your intended college or school, preferred date/time, and any special recommendations. Throughout the month of June, the Center for University Advising will host periodic Zoom meetings in which first-year students will engage with college-specific Academic Advising Teams. These teams consist of all the First Year Advisors from either the School of Architecture, College of Arts and Letters, Mendoza College of Business, College of Engineering, or College of Science.


School of Architecture Resources

College of Arts and Letters Resources

Mendoza College of Business Resources

College of Engineering Resources

College of Science Resources

Resources provided by each Advising Team are also listed within each college or school's registration table here.


Exploring Your Possibilities

Even if you already have a strong sense of what field of study you wish to pursue, your first year is designed as a time to explore the boundless options at Notre Dame that can combine your diverse interests into a rich and challenging program of study. Use this resource as you enter into a year of exploration and discovery.

Exploring Your Possibilties Cover 2020resize






How We Serve You

The Center for University Advising offers mentorship, support, and guidance as you cross the threshold into university life and enter into our community of scholars. This short resource offers a glimpse into how we hope to serve you.