Colleges and Schools

Notre Dame undergraduates can receive degrees from five of its colleges: the College of Arts and Letters, Mendoza College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Science, and the Keough School of Global Affairs, as well as from the School of Architecture.

The structure of your first year at Notre Dame is intended to leave your options open so that you can explore all majors that interest you before making choices about your next steps in the spring semester.

Requirements for certain majors that interest you, however, may mean that you have to select specific courses from the start to keep all possibilities open in a way that ensures you are on track to graduate in four years. You should talk with your First Year advisor as early as possible about how your interests may impact your curricular choices.

School of Architecture

The program leading to the degree of bachelor of architecture is a five-year professional program that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The primary objective of this program is professional education, but its flexibility will allow a student to enter into architecturally allied areas of business, engineering, science, environmental design, liberal arts, and fine arts.

School of Architecture program information.

College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters grants the bachelor of arts and bachelor of fine arts degrees in Africana studies, American studies, anthropology, Arabic studies, art history, Chinese, classics, design, economics, English, film, television, and theatre, French and francophone studies, gender studies, German, Greek and Roman civilization, history, international economics, Irish language and literature, Italian studies, Japanese, mathematics, medieval studies, music, neuroscience and behavior, philosophy, philosophy and theology (joint major), political science, Program of Liberal Studies, psychology, romance languages and literatures, Russian, sociology, Spanish, studio art, and theology. If you are fairly certain that you will follow an Arts and Letters program but are unsure which one it will be, you will not necessarily need to choose courses in your first year based on an intended major. The exceptions are economics, the fine arts, music, medical pre-professional, and the engineering combination programs. If you are considering any of these, please follow the recommendations for that particular program.

The College also offers supplementary majors that must be taken in combination with one of the full majors listed above. There are 23 supplementary majors currently offered by the College of Arts and Letters, which include Africana studies; Arts and Letters pre-professional program (premedical and other health-related professions); medieval studies; environmental sciences program (offered in conjunction with the College of Science); gender studies; and peace studies.

College of Arts and Letters program information

Mendoza College of Business

The Mendoza College of Business offers the degree of bachelor of business administration in accountancy, finance, information technology management, management consulting, management entrepreneurship, and marketing. In their sophomore year, business students follow a common curriculum, which includes an introductory class in each of the majors available in in the college. This common curriculum enables the students to make a more-informed choice when selecting a major in the second semester of the sophomore year. Students can pursue only one major in the college, but the college does allow a second major outside of business.

Mendoza College of Business program information

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering grants a bachelor of science in engineering degree in aerospace engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, and mechanical engineering.

The college also offers a bachelor of science degree in computer science and environmental earth sciences.

Each of these departments is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

College of Engineering program information

College of Science

The College of Science grants the bachelor of science degree in applied and computational mathematics and statistics, biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, Science Preprofessional (SCPP: premedical and other health-related professions), science-business, science-computing, and science-education.

If you are thinking of a double major in two sciences, again, special attention to the overlap and differences in requirements is very important. Combinations of science majors that are normally approved include: biological sciences with chemistry; biological sciences with mathematics; biological sciences with physics; biochemistry with mathematics; biochemistry with physics; chemistry with mathematics; chemistry with physics; environmental sciences (first major) with mathematics; mathematics with physics; and science business, science computing, science education with supplementary major in ACMS or statistics.

College of Science program information