Exploring Majors

If you don’t already know what it is you want to study, don’t worry! Using your first year at Notre Dame to discover the path that’s right for you is what the First Year of Studies is all about.

Even if you already have a strong sense of what field of study you wish to pursue, you should use this time to explore the wealth of options at Notre Dame that can combine very diverse interests that you may have into a rich and challenging program of study.

While you will not formally declare your future college and major until the spring semester of your first year, you have to make at least a provisional decision about your future major(s) so that you can be registered for the appropriate classes for fall semester. You are not required to register for classes based on the major you listed on your Admissions application.

To help you make your initial choices, review undergraduate programs here. On our website you will find brief overviews of programs and requirements for the School of Architecture, the College of Arts and Letters, the Mendoza College of Business, the College of Engineering, and the College of Science. These pages link to more detailed information on their websites. Please review this information, keeping in mind that, at this time, you are choosing an undergraduate program and not a lifetime career. 

As you progress through your first year, you may change your plans concerning your college and/or major. 

Thinking deeply about your possibilities for intellectual growth and development will be a very important part of your advising experience in the First Year of Studies.