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Welcome, Class of 2025!

For the fall semester, your First Year Advisor will work alongside you to identify the best courses for you. This takes place during the summer preceding your first year as a Notre Dame student. To register in courses for the spring semester, you will use the online registration system yourself to select the most appropriate and interesting courses, but only after meeting with your advisor and receiving all relevant resources, information, and support. You must follow the registration process carefully to be sure that you are meeting your First Year requirements. In your Sophomore year, you will work with the advisor of your chosen undergraduate program. Want to look ahead? See the list here!

Fall 2021 Registration Preparation Guide and Moreau First Year Experience Registration Guide

How this works:

This summer, you will work with your First Year Advisor to build your fall course schedule. In only a few short months, the first stage of your academic journey will begin to take shape. This Fall Registration Guide will help you review helpful resources and requirements, identify courses, and use Notre Dame's course planning and registration tools. The slides below offer insights into curriculum requirements, resources for discovery, checklist items in preparation for your meeting with your First Year Advisor, and more! Check out the Table of Contents on Slide 2 for more details.

Not a fan of Google Slides? Download a PDF version of the Fall 2021 Registration Preparation Guide here!

You can access additional resources like the First Year Curriculum Guide and the How-To Video for Registering for Classes, though these are also included in the slides below. 

If you have any questions, please contact your First Year Advisor or

Moreau First Year Experience Registration Guide


Moreau FYE consists of over one hundred sections of approximately 19 students each. All sections share an identical syllabus, but meet at various times. As a means of enriching the integration of your intellectual, extracurricular, and residential experiences, you must register for a Moreau FYE section that corresponds to your housing assignment. We call the result of this process the “Moreau Neighborhoods.” This registration procedure ensures that your Moreau FYE section will include classmates from your own residential community and residential communities in close proximity to your own. This intentional blend of your intellectual and residential communities seeks to help you find a sense of belonging on campus and integrate each facet of your Notre Dame journey into a formative learning experience.

Click here to access the Moreau Neighborhoods and identify which Moreau FYE sections are available to you for registration!