While it’s true that college requires you to be very self-motivated and self-directed, that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Every new student has a professional advisor ready to provide dedicated support to ensure optimal learning, engagement, planning, and progress throughout the first year at Notre Dame. We’re here for you!

Your relationship with your first-year advisor can be one of the closest and most rewarding connections you form while you’re here.

We assign a specific advisor to each student and that advisor works in partnership with the student throughout the first year. Our time-tested advising process ensures that each first-year student receives proactive attention and personal support in the intensive decision-making that takes place at the start of every college career.

Your advisor will help you lay the foundations of a coherent educational plan that addresses your unique abilities, aspirations, interests, and values, as well as encourage you to shape a vision for your education that speaks to the meaning of what you want to achieve. We help you go beyond knowing what you need to do to understanding why the choices you make are right for you.