College and Major Requirements

This page outlines courses, other than math and science, that are required during the first year by some colleges and majors. This list is meant to help you select courses for your first semester and is not a complete list of all college and major requirements. This information can also be found in our First Year Sample Schedules.

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School of Architecture

Architecture students take ARCH 11011 (Drawing) in the first semester and ARCH 10311 (Analysis of Architectural Writing) and ARCH 11021 (Drafting) in the second semester.

College of Arts and Letters

Most majors in Arts and Letters do not require specific courses in the first year, although all students are encouraged to take a course in their intended major(s) in the first semester. For a few majors, specific courses are very strongly recommended in the first year because of the sequential nature of the major and/or the number of courses required for the major.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Design: Students pursuing the BFA should take two Art or Design courses both semesters of their first year.

  • Economics: Students should take Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 10010) in the first semester and Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 10020) in the second semester. These requirements can be satisfied with AP or IB credit.

  • Music: Students should take MUS 20001 (Theory I) and MUS 20011 (Musicianship I) in the first semester and MUS 20002 (Theory II) and MUS 20012 (Musicianship II) in the second semester. The Musicianship courses are one credit each and do not have to be selected on the Course Preference Form.

  • Neuroscience and Behavior: Students should take Introductory Psychology (PSY 10000) in the first or second semester. AP or IB credit can be used to satisfy this requirement.

  • Program of Liberal Studies: Potential PLS majors are encouraged to take a PLS University Seminar in the first semester.

Click here for more information about the College of Arts and Letters requirements. 


Mendoza College of Business

Mendoza College of Business student intents should complete the following courses during their first year (if they do not have AP credit): 

  • Elements of Calculus or higher
  • Statistics for Business
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Three (generally one in the fall and two in the spring) of the following fundamental business courses:

Accountancy I

Accountancy II

Fundamentals of Finance

Coding Fundamentals

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Management

Introduction to Business Technology and Analytics

Statistical Inference in Business

Business Law

Introduction to Business Ethics


Business intents are encouraged to take ACCT 20100 Accountancy I in their first year if available. Regardless, a College of Business student is expected to complete all the fundamental business courses noted above by the end of sophomore year.


College of Engineering

In addition to the required math and science courses, all Engineering students take introductory engineering courses during the first year.


Fall Semester:

  • All Engineering students take EG 10114 (Engineering Discernment) and either EG 10115 (Engineering Projects) or EG 10116 (Engineering Programming) depending on high school math preparation and certainty about Engineering.
  • EG 10115 must be taken by students in Engineering enrolled in MATH 10550 (Calculus I) in the fall semester and by students in other colleges interested in exploring Engineering.
  • EG 10116 can only be taken in the fall semester by Engineering students who have credit for MATH 10550 (Calculus I) and are fairly certain that Engineering is the best fit for them.
  • Your first-year advisor will work with you to select the appropriate course (EG 10115 or EG 10116).


Spring Semester:

  • All Engineering students take EG 10116 (Engineering Programming), unless they took it in the fall semester, and/or a first-year engineering projects course. For the projects course, students can take EG 10115 (Engineering Projects), unless they took it in the fall semester, or a major-specific course. 
  • Your first-year advisor will work with you to select the appropriate courses based on your intended Engineering major, your interests, and your experiences.



Keough School of Global Affairs

The supplementary major in Global Affairs offered by the Keough School does not have any required first-year courses, although students interested in the supplementary major are encouraged to explore courses and/or to start the study of the language they intend to pursue.


College of Science

See the Science Requirements page for an explanation of the science courses taken by students in the College of Science during the first year. Neuroscience and Behavior majors should complete PSY 10000 (Introductory Psychology) in the first year if possible. AP or IB credit can be used to satisfy this requirement.