Moreau First Year Experience

This two semester sequence helps new students to make a meaningful transition to collegiate life at Notre Dame by integrating their academic, co-curricular and residential experiences. Students actively engage with the experience through a variety of methods such as large lectures, on-line modules, and weekly small group discussions. The Moreau First Year Experience resonates within the larger framework of the charism of the Congregation of the Holy Cross to educate in the faith. Similarly, drawing on the pedagogy of Blessed Basil Moreau, it conceives of “[education] is the art of helping young people to completeness…” and builds upon the Five Pillars of a Holy Cross Education: Mind, Heart, Zeal, Family, and Hope. The Moreau First Year Experience gives students the opportunity to begin forming life-long habits of the mind as well as an engagement in faith, service, arts, wellness, and community. A collaborative effort between First Year of Studies and the Division of Student Affairs, it affirms the diversity and inclusion of the all first-year students.

Through weekly small-group meetings, students in the course will explore university resources and opportunities and will examine topics such as:

  • orientation to Notre Dame
  • community standards
  • health and well-being
  • strategies for academic success
  • spiritual life
  • career development
  • cultural competence

Students in the Moreau First Year Experience show evidence of how they integrate their academic, co-curricular and residential experiences through their ePortfolio assignments.

Additionally, students may choose to complete the Moreau Five Pillars Badge which is designed to acknowledge students’ intentional commitment to deep lifelong learning anchored in values consonant with the highest goals and aspirations of the University of Notre Dame. Students will enhance their required ePortfolios by demonstrating how their broader Notre Dame experiences, discoveries, and values, the very “art of completeness” about which Moreau writes, are (and will continue to be) rooted in the pillars of mind, heart, zeal, family and hope.

This course is required of all first-year students. FYS 10101 is taken in the fall and FYS 10102 is taken in the spring.